Tar,Istvan Independent Candidate for MPP. position, Toronto, ParkDale-High Park, 2011-2015

Fight for the authistic peoples, families rights, proper education, speech-therapy and compensations,

Fight to solve the problem of the Canadian economy, which is solvable with only one provision & law change to implement than within 2-3 months the public, the poor could get a confident/relaxed level of life...

I edited a book about economy & politics in 1995-96, and that nightmare/vision came through today, and this domino fall system is will continue if the leadership do not listen to me and others who has similar ideas. 

The biggest problem to solve is: To chase /filtering out the evilness from the peoples, officials, including the elected-selected ones.                                                                                                                                         CONTACT with me:

Please wisit my main website:

Anyone can support my campaigne from anywhere in Ontario,not only from electoral district. Please send a maximum $100.-cheque to this address, when the registration started:

 "Tar Istvan for MPP Account" Toronto, Ontario,   #309-1624 Bloor St. West, M6P-4E6 email:

Every donor/contributor who able to send CAD$100.- will get back 75% from the Government of Ontario Parkdale-High Park has 196 polling/voting stations in this elections (Oct.27/2014)



I am the 1.) Non-party-members Party -join the idea,                                I am also the: 2.) Help the Poor, Help the good Party, - join the idea, and spread it... 

TAR/ Tar István’s campaign, ward # 13

Candidate for Ward #13, High-Park elections 2014 October 27th

Candidate for Parkdale-High Park as MPP in 2015 Oct.

Life story:

* Political refugee from Hungary in 1980, through a Greek refugee camp,,,


Motivation: “None of the existing parties represets my views and problems”

My points, and offers for the ward #13

-1) Clean, dustless, safe High-Park,

-2) High Park as a tourist destination, /Must have a sign, for tourists/ that you are in the right district. Also must have signs about the postal codes on the buildings.

 2 ) Crime protections (in High park), and everywhere.

-3) Noise-free, relaxing walking space, to reduce stress and anxiety,

-4) Sanatoriums, instead of zoo, to make a well known part of the city. 

-5) Signs for the wards # 1-…#44 th.  

  - My point and offers for the city of Toronto:

 - Clean city, no dust, no sand flying to the eyes, cloths, nose, and lungs,

       Carry out by sprinkler trucks; make the sidewalks and road sand and garbage free,

-          Health care, job creation, better public feeling/sentiment,

-          Public inspectors to prevent small crimes at business places, (Complaint book, black point, -green points system)

-          """ Save the business" program, (if some owner close down the business for what ever reason…) The city/government will keep it open, to serve the public.

-          Training for entrepreneurs, before opening,

-          Full employment, (Everybody could have a job within 1-2 years)

-          City bank, (owned by the city),

-          Government housing solutions, bumps move to other cityes. Toronto need clean environment, Ontario need a new Capital city, like SUDBURY.

-          City Owned superstore, (Department stores/supermarkets) at least 7 in the city of Toronto.

-          Strong DOLLAR, no more inflation in Canada, PRICE CONTROL, Quality control,

-          Landlord – tenant, rent, cleanness control,

-          The representative, Councillor, MPP., MP.,must be trustworthy, answer to the clients,  

-          More rights for Councillors, M.P.’s, M.P.P.’s for intervene in critical cases as a first opinion,

-          Election reform, Every strata must be perpesented, (teachers,dentists, ingeneers stc.)

-          Complaint office in the city hall, (also advice office for uninformed citizens), Also advice for the city by citizens,

-          Lunch to workers by employers on job place,

-          Thirteenth month paycheck in the end of the year, (profit share for workers),

-          Ethnic groups must have at least one Community Centre,

-          Every type of glass and plastic collection,

-          Internet computer access for the low income public, (the job search and library far are away not enough).

-          In the School:

-          Uniforms for the students,

-          -Behavior, etiquette, good behavior as a subject matter,

       Sport as a subject matter,

-      World religions as a subject matter,

-          Cooking, healthy food, nourishment, as a subject matter,

-          For the right orthography,(right spelling) learn/teach 1 year of Latin, (Must have exam from, the latin any time when the student ready to make the exam… 

-         As a Canadian citizen everyone should be able to visit the homeland at least once in 10 years.